Explore Lake Travis Like Never Before

Take a dive with Lake Travis Scuba. It’s time to turn your dream to try an excursion into reality. Seize this worthwhile experience in Lake Travis with scuba diving experts who can train and gear you up!

Explore Lake Travis: Make Memories That Stay

Lake Travis Scuba offers a look into the depths of Lake Travis, offering
transportation to dive sites that shore-entry divers never get to see!
Types of Dive at Lake Travis Scuba

Want your air ready at the boat?

Air tank rentals available during charters!

Schedule A Visit: 3 Easy Steps!

Schedule and Reserve

Even with the high volume of guests, we still want to let you experience the excursion and lake vacation that will surely make you stay. To reckon this scuba diving experience with your family or for your first excursion, schedule a date today and reserve.

You can indulge yourself with a remarkably learning-filled excursion, getting all you need from gears to instructions. We can’t wait to see you.

Pre-Dive Forms

After scheduling and reserving the date of your stay at Lake Travis Scuba, it’s time to accomplish the pre-dive forms. These are easy-to-fill-out forms intended to secure your safety while in your stay. Certainly, your overall experience is all that we value, so print out your forms today and sign them.

Lake Travis Scuba is waiting for you, and one thing to look for? We got the treasure finding for you. In case you’ve lost your valuable items in the lake, our excursion team will take scuba diving to find that treasure back to you.

Excursion Time!

If you think there will be more in the booking process, then you think again because after the scheduling of date and completing pre-dive forms, our excursion with you is now in route. Our team will contact you to confirm your appointment and by this time, you have all the rights to fill yourself with tip-to-toe excitement.

Let’s explore Lake Travis with so many activities available while you are in your full gear. And if you don’t have the yours yet, our rentals got you covered. Take your first shot at diving a stress-free experience. Let’s dive soon!

Scuba Certification and Training

Become a certified scuba diver or expand your dive training with one of our recreational and technical courses.

Visit our Scuba Shop for Pre-paid Diving

We recommend each diver carry a line reel and surface marker buoy.

Gift Certificates and Souvenir T-shirts!

Certification card not required for students completing Open Water certification

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Visit our Scuba Shop for Pre-paid Diving, Gift Certificates and Souvenir T-shirts!