Giant Stride!

Lake Travis Scuba provides transportation to a variety of dive sites on Lake Travis aboard GIANT STRIDE, a 30-foot Pontoon Boat customized for scuba diving. The boat has many special features and amenity updates to make your excursion comfortable, safe, and enjoyable:

Avoid the dirt and additional effort required of shore dives! Meet Giant Stride at the dock to load and unload your equipment.

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8 Diver Stations with two tank holders and equipment storage

Dive into adventure with 8 Diver Stations equipped with dual tank holders and gear storage, ensuring a seamless underwater experience for your aquatic explorations

Dry Storage area

Your gear’s sanctuary awaits in our Dry Storage area, keeping your belongings safe and ready for the next thrilling dive.

Canvas enclosure for sun shade in summer and warmth in cooler weather

Chase the sun or find cozy comfort year-round under our Canvas enclosure, creating the perfect atmosphere whether it’s summer rays or cool water dives.

Large heavy-duty ladder for easy exit from the water

Designed for convenience and safety, our large, heavy-duty ladder extending deep into the water ensures an easy and secure transition from your dive, providing a reliable solution for divers of all experience levels.

Meet The Crew

Robert Weiss

Robert Weiss


Robert has been owner/operator of Lake Travis Scuba since 2007 when he decided to fill a void in local diving by providing transportation to dive sites not accessible from shore.  Robert has been a certified diver since 1988, achieved technical diving certification with training through PADI Tec 50, and is a seasoned PADI MSDT/Instructor for a wide range of specialities including Boat Diver, Enriched Air, Underwater Navigation, Search and Recovery and more.

He has been a valuable resource to many on Lake Travis including boaters in need of assistance to providing dive resources to the Travis County Sheriff Office.  When not running charters, conducting Search & Recovery or teaching scuba, Robert can be found managing the Nitro Swim School in Cedar Park.

Brian Waddell

Brian Waddell

Crew Member

Brian has been diving for more than 13 years,  In that time he has dived in US, Scottish, Qatari and Australian waters. His first dive in Lake Travis was 2016, where he was quickly sucked into helping with the dive charters, culminating in becoming a Divemaster and Charter guide for Lake Travis Scuba.  Brian has guided many dive site tours, searched for lost treasures and taken divers safely to all the local Lake Travis dive sites while captaining the boat.

Danny Bryce

Danny Bryce

Crew Member

Danny is an avid Lake Travis scuba diver, NAUI Dive Master since 2010 and our longest active crew member with over 3200 logged dives.  When he is not diving with us, you can find him shore diving at Bob Wentz or Mansfield Dam.  Danny prefers blue water diving and considers Lake Travis practice for the few times blue water is available. His favorite diving in Lake Travis are the grottos, walls and finding & identifying aquatic life, especially mating Rio Grande cichlid pairs with babies.  If he happens across treasure – ok he’ll grab it.

Justin Vollner

Justin Vollner

Crew Member

Justin started diving in 2020. Although he enjoys diving in different places, his real passion is finding treasures and retrieving lost items right here in Lake Travis. Justin became a regular on the Giant Stride, diving most weekends, and he quickly joined the crew as a reliable dive buddy and Search & Recovery Specialist for Lake Travis Scuba.

Complete With Safety Equipment

Lake Travis Scuba is a member of the Flagship Towing Boat emergency service.

Emergency Oxygen

Breathe easy knowing Emergency Oxygen stands ready to ensure your safety, even in the depths

System Automated External Defibrillator

Guardian of hearts: our System Automated External Defibrillator, a heartbeat away from added reassurance.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit: your onboard guardian angel, because safety is our top priority.

Fire Extinguisher

Fear no flames with a Fire Extinguisher at hand, turning danger into a spark of confidence.

DAN Diver Identification System (DIDS)

Dive with peace of mind, thanks to the DAN Diver Identification System (DIDS), a lifeline above and below.

Flare Kit

Flare Kit: your signal of trust in our commitment to your safety on every horizon

Cell phone for emergency calls

Stay connected to help with a Cell Phone for emergency calls, transforming worries into instant relief.

Life-saving Floats for all passengers

Life-saving Floats embrace all passengers, turning the waters into a playground of security.

Safety-trained and Emergency-prepared Crew

Crew trained in safety, prepared for emergencies – your guardians on this aquatic journey.