Search and Recovery Services

Have you dropped a personal or valuable item such as class rings, keys, prescription glasses, wallets or drones into Lake Travis or entangled your anchor on an entrapment on the lake bottom? Our divers are ready to help with search and recovery efforts to retrieve your lost item or free your anchor from the bottom.

We cannot guarantee your item will be recovered, but do our best to bring your item back to the surface. Contact us for additional information and availability.

We Prepare For The Search!

Personal Valuable Search and Recovery – If you drop a valuable item in the lake, follow these steps before contacting us for a Search & Recovery dive.

Remember The Place

1. Take a pin on a phone of the lost item location.

2. Take photos of the surrounding area, especially any rock formations and trees that can be used to line up the location for a search.

Leave A Mark and Call Us

3. Put a rock or other heavy item in a garbage bag, remove any air and tie the bag. Drop the trash bag marker flag in the water where the item was lost.

4. Request a Search & Recovery dive from Lake Travis Scuba.

Anchor Entanglement Removal

Anchors frequently become entangled around tree stumps, on dock cables or anchoring blocks and wedged in rocks. Our divers can remove the entanglement or release the anchor from entrapments.

Here at Lake Travis Scuba we do not lift anything that has been marked by the owner unless contracted to assist. What we will do is try and contact the owner to see if they would like us to retrieve their item when properly identified. IF THE MARKER DOES NOT HAVE CONTACT DETAILS WE WILL NOT TOUCH IT.

Tips To Prevent!

TO prevent persons removing your marked items indiscriminately we would suggest you do the following.

This has worked well for us at Lake Travis Scuba. Using a noodle is ok, but people are likely not to respect them as markers. Using a white bleach-type bottle, or a fender is a better idea. Remember Lake Travis Scuba is out and about at weekends and can assist you quickly in recovering your items.

1. Keep a white plastic 1 gallon bleach-type bottle on your boat.

3. Write on the bottle your name and phone number.

2. Write on the bottle the following, ‘DO NOT TOUCH WE ARE ARRANGING RECOVERY’.

4. Contact Lake Travis Scuba 512-784-5980.


Call us for the pricing!