Lake Travis Scuba


Starnes Island

Also known as Rattlesnake Island. Offers a wall dive to depths beyond 100′ and a gradual sloping section with five boat hulls to explore. Many of the party barges (aka Sunglass Dispensing Units) on Lake Travis park at the island throughout the summer resulting in the opportunity to find treasures including cell phones, jewelry, sunglasses, money and much more lost to the depths of Lake Travis.

An easy dive for any level diver, don’t miss the large grottoes. The boat follows your bubbles so you can explore the site without concern for locating it at the end of your dive.

Fiesta Haus Wall

A perfect location for deep diving, this site has a deep mooring line for a visual reference to the bottom. Once at the bottom of the line, divers can either continue descending along the bottom toward the deep river channel or turn along the wall for the dive. Not far from the boat is a large grotto that extends deep into the rock wall and contains a significantly sized air pocket from divers exhaust bubbles. This site is useful for practicing navigation skills using visual references and time tracking to easily return to the boat.

Oasis Wall

Located under the Oasis Restaurant this shear wall features large grottos and a hole with stalactites that formed prior to the lake being created by dam construction in the late 1930’s. The grottos are located within recreational diver limits, though depths at this site can exceed over 100′ for deep or technical diving. This site simulates a drift dive with the boat following your bubbles to pick you up when you surface.

Shaker Plant

Between the 1930’s and 1940’s the Shaker Plant was used to process raw materials for use by the concrete plant for the construction of Mansfield Dam. Located at the end of Sometimes Island, this site contains remnants of the plant such as concrete pads, wooden support frames, metal pipes and impellers, piles of processed materials and more. Two lines allow touring the site to maximize bottom time.

A descent and ascent line is attached to a large concrete support of the plant

Shaker plant sometimes island
North Shore Wall

North Shore Wall

Across from Starnes Island is West Point, a dive that features a few different boats and a continuation of the wall from Starnes. Here, you’ll find three platforms, with one at depth for advanced training. Mysterious objects lay in these waters, including a washing machine, pieces of a satellite dome, a microwave, tank radar, and some barrels. If you’re looking for something new in the lake when it’s full, swing by for a peek.

Cypress Creek Wall

This shear wall, curving along the Cypress Creek arm, features long vertical cracks and crevices before slowly sloping to the river channel.
Cypress Creek Wall
Wreck Alley

Wreck Alley

Formerly known as Don Brod’s Scuba Park, this site was developed in the 70’s by one of the original Austin dive shop owners as a dive training facility and for recreational divers.

This site includes large houseboats, sailboats, motorboats, cars, and other sunken objects to explore as well as a wall leading down to pecan trees and the original riverbed. Specialty courses such as navigation, wreck, peak performance buoyancy, or deep dives can be performed at this location. A mooring line is attached to the large wreck for use as a descent and ascent line.